Thursday, August 18, 2011

Your Learning

Please repsond to ALL of the following questions/statements-make sure to label your answers accordingly: (Please make sure to proofread and use complete sentences)
1) What is the value of "learning"?
2) What is your role as a learner?
3) What constitutes a "good" student? Hence, what do you expect of yourself and your classmates as students and learners?
4) What do you expect of a good, quality teacher? Thus, what do you expect of me?
5) What does this class need to do/have in order for a productive, fun, learning environment to exist? What does that look like?


  1. 1)Learning is very important in the world today because everything is constantly evolving and advancing. I want to learn as much as i possibly can not just for the sake of learning it, but to take it in and apply to it my life in the best way that I possibly can.
    2)My role as a learner is to do everything I can in order to succeed in education and as well as life. So much is learned just by living everyday life and life lessons are so valuable to me. I must take up all of my responsibilities as a student and a learner and realize that the extent of my education is in my hands and what I take away from school and life is 100% dependent on my choices.
    3) A good student is one who recognizes what they have to do in order to succeed. They set their own goals in their education and their life that are reasonable, yet also challenge them. I expect my learning and classes to challenge me and make me truly think critically.
    4) The qualities of a good teacher is someone who really tries to relate to their students and gets to know them on a personal level and do everything they can to help their students succeed. Since everyone has different learning styles, it is also very important that teachers incorporate each style of learning into the activities that we do in class so that everyone has an opportunity to learn in a way that best suits them but also try news ways of learning.
    5) This class needs a welcoming environment that welcomes everyone. I think that having friends in class is a wonderful thing to have. Some of the best classes I have been in are those where everyone is connected and almost like a family. I think that as we share in our learning together throughout the year, people will become very close and will learn how to help others.

  2. 1) The value of learning is so we are all informed and able to make a positive impact on our society and the future.
    2) My role as a learner is to ensure that I am learning to the best of my ability and putting that knowledge to good use daily.
    3) A good student is someone who stays on task and completes all that is asked of him/her to the best of their abilities without disrupting others. I expect myself to do the best that I can over the course of the year.
    4) A good quality teacher will always teach the material in depth and show students many new perspectives on the subject that they otherwise may not have noticed.
    5) I think that for this class to be productive and fun we should occasionally do entertaining activities that not only correspond to the material but also make the class enjoyable.

  3. The value of learning is that it will help you in the future with anything you do and will help you achieve.
    My role as a learner is to listen and tie together information we receive in class.
    A good student pays attention and combines the information they receive to experiences and the world around them. I expect myself to participate in class and make sure I do all I can to help others learn and to tie different experiences and information together.
    From a teacher I expect them to be understanding and to help us achieve any goals we set through the year. I just expect you to help me improve my skills in this class.
    We need to be able to write by ourselves but sometimes be able to gain information from others in the class with us, also we could maybe do some free writing. This means that we will be able to be a closer class by helping each other in any way we can.

  4. 1. The value of learning is to broaden your knowledge of the world. To me learning is about knowing everything I can about the world around me. If I know a lot about the world it gives me a variety of options for my future. I like knowing there's more out there than just what I have seen growing up. I like knowing the world is bigger than just high school.
    2. My role as a learner is to want to learn. I should be always asking questions and wanting to know more. I think my job is to never be satisfied with what I have learned. I should always be wanting more.
    3. A good student is prepared and encourages everyone around them. I believe they should add to a positive environment. I believe a good student will always ask questions and agree to disagree. They are respectful of themselves and others at ALL times.
    4. I expect a teacher to challenge the students, but to also work with them. I feel like the a teacher should really try to connect with the kids and understand their stress. A teacher should be able to relate to the kids and help guide them in learning. It should not be students listening to the teacher. I believe the teacher should guide and mediate and the students should learn from each other.
    5. The class should be relaxed. It should be a place where everyone can be themselves and let their personalities shine. No one can be successful if they are hiding who they are. I also like an environment that encourages everyone to participate and contribute. It should not be one or two kids always answering. It should be a creative place. Something new and different. Instead of lectures we should discuss and play games that help open up our minds. It should be a place where everyone wants to challenge themselves rather than the teacher challenging them and forcing the learning.

  5. 1) Learning has deep value that is vital because it creates intelligent, adaptable, well adjusted human beings that can share and create their own ideas to benefit the world.
    2) As a learner, I must listen to the instructions and lessons taught at school but then take the information I am given and develop my own opinions about it.
    3) A good student is one who listens and processes the information but then can make their own knowledgeable choices about how to manipulate it. They must be organized and follow the rules but not be afraid to think outside the box and challenge the norms.
    4) A good teacher should engage their students and keep them interested. They should develop a personal relationship with them and hold them to high standards but also let them express their own personalities and give them a break once and a while to think for themselves.
    5) The students must have equal respect for themselves, the teacher and their other classmates. They must help each other and work together to create the best outcome. Students and the teacher should share their personalities and humor with others so we can all get to know one another really well.

  6. 1) The value of learning is expanding what you already know in order to help the world around you. Learning occurs everyday even if you don't notice it. Learning helps the world improve. Without learning, where would the world be? I think learning helps people progress and create new ideas. Learning should be something we don't take for granted because many people are not as lucky as we are.
    2) My roles a learner are to listen and respond accordingly. I should respect the teacher and the class. I should learn as much as possible so that I can contribute to the world around me. It is important to share what I know with the world.
    3)I expect everyone to respect each other. We should help others where they are struggling and share what we have learned. I expect to do my best work all of the time in order to contribute to the class and help myself. We should also get to know one another. Everyone learns a different way and we should know how we can help each student.
    4)I expect you to help me learn. I want to expand what I already know, but I can't do that without your help. I expect you to make the lessons as clear as possible, so that I don't have to spend extra time understanding them. I want you to help me succeed because that is what I am trying to do.
    5) Everyone should participate in class in order for it to be productive. It is important to hear other students perspective because it will open up your eyes to new possibilities. A class should have discussion and lots of opinions. The class should want to be here, instead of acting like they were forced to. I already can tell this class will be productive and fun because everyone is willing to learn and each person is unique in their own way. We should want to come to this class because it is fun and different. We should want to learn more even if it's not the best day. I think a positive class has to have positive people. A class can only be successful if the students and teachers are willing to try.

  7. 1) You learn every second of every day. Every second you see something happen and that thing is usually imprinted on your brain. Without learning, there would be nothing. In older eras, people realized that they needed food to live and so they had to figure out how to make something like the spear in order to hunt. Learning means progress in a good way.
    2) My role as a learner is to listen and absorb. However, I can't just absorb random information. I am here to better myself for the future and to better the future for me.
    3) A good student is able to read between the lines. S/he cannot just sit and blindly follow. They have to be able to fend for themselves but still follow directions.
    4) I expect a teacher to be understanding but still a bit firm. Too loosey goosey and you lose everyone. Too strict and you still lose everyone. There has got to be some middle ground. A good teacher shouldn't just expect the students to know exactly what she is talking about all the time. Because we obviously don't.
    5) We need to be able to connect as sort of a team. The problem I've had in the past is the fact that a lot of people in one class aren't that close to each other or don't like each other. Nothing good can come out of that. For example: if we are having a class discussion, there are going to be many people with varying opinions. What I've seen in the past are people who just beat down those opinions and don't even consider them. That isn't a healthy environment.

  8. 1) The value of learning is very high. It can teach us information not only about the material we are being taught, but also can teach us why events in history are significant to today. Books and writings from the past can show us how people used to think and the similarities to our knowledge. It shows us failures and success in history and can help guide us into the future.
    2)My role as a learner is to be attentive in class, do my assignments, listen and respect the teacher and also to think for myself. It's great to have a discussion in class because all of the thoughts you have after reading or writing can be validated and also you sometimes have to stand up and defend those thoughts. Most of what we gather from literature is opinion based and not everyone shares the same opinion, which may lead to positive, friendly arguments.
    3)As a "good" student, I come to class prepared and ready to learn, but I also try to keep an opened mind about what I am learning. I would expect the same from my peers. I would not be comfortable in a class that just stares at the teacher and is in disagreement the whole period.
    4)I would expect many of the same characteristics from my teacher, be prepared and organized, but also have you lesson plan be lenient and not as rigid so that each day for the whole year is planned out to a T.
    5) I believe that a positive learning environment is created by comfort with each other, but not to a level of disrespect. we can achieve that be getting to know one another and creating relationships that can help us be familiar with one another. But we also should not waste time with name games of silly things of that sort, it should be a little more mature than that.

  9. Mark C.
    1) The value of learning is knowing that you have actual proof of information stored in your brain other than having a computer or outside source tell you the answers.
    2) My role as a learner is to always strive to get better at what I need to, and also striving to get better at things that I'm already good at.
    3) A good student is someone who not only understands the content of whatever they are learning about, but applies it to life and uses their learning to their full abilities. This is what I expect for all of us! Even me! Yes. We also need to bond as a class and not be afraid to spurt out any of our thoughts. The better connected we all are, the better our discussions and overall classroom atmosphere will be.
    4) I expect a good teacher not only to introduce content, and teach it, but to explain its importance and reason, while at the same time making learning fun. The more engaged the students are, the more they'll remember and learn from an activity or discussion.
    5) This class needs to be focused and unstressed. But... at the same time we all need to be willing to spill out our thoughts and be comfortable. So, the classroom needs to be structured and strict, but a sense of openness should be present too. This looks like: not being chatty when you don't need to be, being open in discussion, and overall, great thinking.

  10. 1) With out learning, society would be no where. No one would be educated and we would never continue to grow and excel in our world today.

    2) My role as a learner is to actually attempt to gain knowledge. You have to strive to learn more and be wiling to listen and give up your time.

    3) A good student is considered someone who tries their hardest at all of their work, goes above and beyond, is an active listener, and strives to learn. They are respectful of all others in the classroom and know what they need to do and if they don't, know how to ask for help.

    4) A good teacher is someone who actually cares about his/her students and is willing to stop and talk with them if they have a question and be willing to explain things from square one instead of, "Oh we learned this yesterday you should know this." They should make class as interesting as possible so students want to learn and come to class and don't dread it.

    5) This class needs to be presented as a non-stressful and comfortable environment. I understand that this year is going to be hard and we're going to have to work, but when giving projects, papers to write, etc., have them given in a way that doesn't stress us out TO much.

  11. 1) Learning is one of the defining qualities of an advanced civilization. The power of knowledge and growth is astonishing to the human race. Without it, where would we be? Progress and learning go hand-in-hand.

    2) As a learner. it is my job to to put forth my highest level of effort and have an open mind to whatever I am trying to understand. It is important that I focus on what I am intaking and how it could affect the world around me.

    3) A good student needs to always be ontop of things. It is crucial that the student is always looking for chances to better their education and learning envirorment. This means being prepared always and being open to dissucssing with other students about the topics being studied at the time.

    4) A good teacher should be interested in what the students need, rather than the lesson plan they have prepared. The teacher should always be looking for ways to spark the students interest through new ideas and ways to present learning.

    5) In order for this class to have the best year possible, we need to put our best foot forward and our best effort as well. If we can commit to everything 110%, the outcome will be phenomenal! At the same time, we must also not take ourselves too seriously and enjoy high school, because it is a time that we will want to remember with pride.

  12. 1) The value of learning is so that once we are out of school, our generation has the skills to change the world to make it better whether it’s through math, science, writing or using ideas from our history.
    2) My role as a learner is to take in as much information as possible so I can prepare myself for the future.
    3) A good student is somebody that turns in quality work on time, participates in class and isn’t afraid to take chances with their education. They shouldn’t be afraid to put themselves out there through their learning.
    4) From a good, quality teacher I expect that he/she is always there when I need help, that he/she makes the class fun so it’s not just work, work and more work and he/she needs to help students improve their reading and writing skills.
    5) In order to have a productive and fun learning environment, this class needs to have discussions about the literature we read where there are arguments, connections to our lives and examples. We need to feed off of each other so that the class has a constant flow of ideas.

  13. 1. I think that the value of learning is the knowledge that is gained as a result of it. Since the world is always changing it takes more knowledge than before to make it. If you don’t learn anything you will get left behind by the people that are learning.
    2. My role as a learner is to soak up all of the knowledge and facts that will help me get ahead in the world.
    3. I think a good student is someone who is able to adapt to the situation around them. I expect students to be able to get things done and if necessary do more than what are the minimum expectations. I also think that a good student is someone who will work hard to get things done and make themselves better people.
    4. I think a good teacher is someone who actually cares about what they are doing, someone who isn’t just there for a check. I also expect them to be competent in the subject they are teaching. That way they are able to help students when people get stuck or have certain challenges in the class. I also expect them to understand the challenges kids face in sports and school today.
    5. I think that the class should have a relaxed atmosphere. People are more open when they feel comfortable so I think that the more relaxed the better. I also think that it should be a fun class. People look forward to the fun classes in the day so I think people will be more willing to share in an environment where everyone is relaxed and having a good time.

  14. 1. One controls their value of learning. The value is measured on how much someone wants to learn and their work ethic when it comes to learning. Without wanting to learn and striving to expand one’s knowledge the value of learning would be extremely low. But, if someone wants to learn as much as they can then the value can increase greatly. The next step to the value of learning is how one uses that knowledge. They can either leave it behind when they move forward, which decrease the value, or they can bring it with them and use it along the way which would increase the value.
    2. As a learner I need to fully participate in all that is brought forward and stay engaged in my learning. Also I need to be engaged in my teachers, projects, homework, books and make sure I understand them to the fullest level rather than taking the route of memorization. Being a learner I must be exciting and willing to learn.
    3. Being a good student runs parallel with the roles of a learner. Good students should take those roles in expanded upon them and engage themselves in extracurricular activities to challenge their mind and learning in other ways. I expect of my peers and I to work together to learn and create new ideas. We should have a binding force of this passion to understand the materials we need to strive in the world beyond school.
    4. I expect a good quality teacher to be passionate about their work and be understanding of their students. With those to qualities I think the class room can flourish and the students will learn the best. I expect to hold true to these two ideals. I can tell you’re passionate and understanding within this first week.
    5. This class needs to be interactive and focused. The class should have the confidence to voice their opinion in order to show the difference ranges of understand and interpretations. Our class should use and strengthen all of our abilities. We should do creative projects, technological activities and a wide range of other engaging things.

  15. 1. The value of learning itself is that one's knowledge is expanded and people have new facts to build off. Learning alone has almost no value though, because it is the applications of learning that actually get civilization somewhere. For example, if you go out and learn about computer programming it has no value unless you actually apply it to a computer.
    2. As a learner I need to be able to absorb information like a sponge and pay attention so that I actually get what I am being taught. I also should be respectful and be willing to acknowledge that I really am wrong sometimes.
    3. I think a good student really wants to learn and isn't just sitting in the classroom because he or she has too. As the Denver Post article says, one way that we will be able to fix the problems with our education is finding a way to motivate students, and if they are not motivated it presents a reasonable problem.
    4. I expect a teacher to be willing to help at all times and also to be involved in our learning. A good teacher doesn't just sit on the sidelines and watch the class but rather gets in on conversations and helps. Also a good teacher finds ways to keep students entertained and on task.
    5. I think the class needs to make use of the resources it has been provided with. It has a lot of pretty good minds so I think the sharing of thoughts and knowledge should be pretty constant. We also have a lot of technology to be taken advantage of, so I think if at all possible we should make use of the technology.

  16. 1) Most people learn in order to get a good grade, so they can get into a good college, so that they eventually will end up in a high paying job. Personally I am learning for all those reasons and more. I learn because I like to. New information gives you new perspectives and opens your mind to a whole new way of thinking. When you learn something new and really understand it you get a sense of accomplishment and pride. So for me, I value learning because it enriches my life.
    2) My role as a learner is to be open to new ideas and concepts. If I don't understand something in the beginning, I have to keep trying until I do and not get frustrated with the amount of time it takes me. As I learner I should understand that it is not a competition. It doesn't matter if I don't have the best grade in the class, as long as I put in as much effort as possible.
    3) In my opinion, a good student is someone who doesn't give up, they persevere until they get what they need out of the class. A good student respects their peers and teacher every day and treats them as an equal. They come prepared and ready to learn each day to class and always try their hardest on everything.
    4) Personally, I think a good teacher is basically the same thing as a good student. They respect the student’s ideas and opinions and always come prepared. They are open to learning new things from students and also guide the students in the correct direction.
    5) In order for our class to have a fun learning environment, I think we should do a lot of group projects. Group projects are a good way for people to get to know each other and learn something in the process. I also think that people have to feel comfortable with one another. When everyone feels comfortable and included, then classes start to have fun and be productive. In the end, it all comes down to respect because without respect for one another, the class as a whole will never connect and have a good time together.

  17. 1. Almost everything revolves around learning. We start learning since the day we're born, learning everything from talking, to eating, to crawling then walking, we are always learning. We learn what to do and not to do.

    2.My role as a learner is to learn. Sure that's basic, but it's entirely true. I think it helps to do your homework, but I think you’ll learn a lot more from just paying attention in class.

    3. I think a "good" student is a word that's thrown around too little. I think there is no such thing as a bad student. Everyone, whether a "good" or "bad" student learns something, and I think that's the point of school. Therefore, I expect me and my classmates to learn something, and if they do, then I think they're "good" students.

    4. I expect a good teacher to teach. This doesn't mean just throwing us projects just to do something. This means assigning us projects that actually teach us something, not just testing us on who said what in our books. A good teacher also should get to know their students, and should always be there to teach and help students when they need it.

    5. I think the class needs to have fun, and should have a lot of choice in it. For instance, choosing a book we want to read, or letting us choose what we want to write about. In 5th grade, my teacher for almost the whole year let us write about whatever we wanted, and that was writing class for me. It was also very memorable, and I took away a lot from it. By the end of the year, I had written a 70 page story. It should also be a low stress area, and should be a creative environment.

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  19. 1) To me, the value of learning is everything. My entire future depends solely on what I learn and how I apply it. I value my education nearly more than anything else because I know that not only is it the only thing that can never be taken from me, but it will carry me through life, and ultimately define the success that I have.
    2) My role as a learner is to absorb experiences I have in life. Learning doesn’t happen just in the classroom, but in every facet of our lives and my job is to take in everything that there is to be learned, no matter what it is or where I may learn it.
    3) A good student puts in their best effort, because they know that what they put into their education is what they will get out of it. They push themselves, and those around them to meet new challenges and learn in new ways. I expect myself to never do anything other than my best and constantly ask myself if I can do better than I have done. For those around me, I expect the same from them, and for each of us to respect each other and our teachers.
    4) From a teacher I expect new and exciting assignments that will challenge the way we think. They should provide whatever help is needed for a student’s success, without coddling them. They should hold not only their students to high standards, but also themselves, in the sense that if the student is expected to work hard, the teacher should work equally hard to present new materials, support and guidance.
    5) For this class to be as productive as possible all students should be engaged. It should also not be an intimidating environment, which I think is easily avoided once everyone gets to know each other better. Everyone should respect each other and the class itself, which should result in a comfortable learning environment. A variety of different projects in different formats should also help with keeping the class fun and entertaining for all of us.

  20. 1. The value of learning is more than cramming answers into one’s head. It means to search for knowledge. Knowledge is the only true force in this world besides luck. The more you know, the better off you are in society both financially and as a person.
    2. As a learner, I have to be prepared to do work and have an open mind. Not everything we learn agrees with what we know or believe. In that way, I believe that all people should continue to see themselves as learners their whole lives so that they can be open to new ideas.
    3. A good student is a good learner. He should be willing to do work and willing to listen to his peers and consider their thoughts and opinions.
    4. I expect my teacher to be fair. I expect her to recognize that many of us are dedicated to school and are willing to above and beyond, and realize that her class is not the only class where the student is willing to do all the work. I expect a quality teacher to teach the material that she tests on. As an added bonus, I hope that a quality teacher keeps the class fun and lively. This helps students care about the class significantly.
    5. The shape of the classroom can be very determinate of the learning environment. Rows of desks make students feel marginalized and disinterested. The way that the English 9 honors classroom was set up made the class noticeably more social and engaged. Furthermore, a productive classroom environment is a direct relationship with the relationship that the teacher has with the students: one that is respectful, efficient, and fun.

  21. 1. The value of learning is gaining the knowledge one needs in order to successfully carry out their life. People need to learn in order to be educated about the world and its issues, and to also contribute that knowledge in a positive way to ultimately better the society.
    2. My role as a learner is to not only take in the information that the teacher gives to me, but to also take that information and form my own opinions and viewpoints about it, which will ultimately allow myself to better understand the material.
    3. A good student should come into this class prepared and ready to learn. In this class, students should walk in with an open mind about whatever we are discussing and to also allow others opinions expand and strengthen their previous ideas.
    4. I expect a good, quality teacher to experiment with different learning styles in order to get the most out of their students. I also expect a teacher to challenge their students to think beyond their previous ideas and to open their minds to different viewpoints.
    5. In order for this class to have a productive, fun, learning environment, I think that we all need to be respectful of our classmates’ ideas and beliefs so that we all have a comfortable space to share our opinions. I also think that allowing students to do class activities and group projects will create an exciting classroom environment where we are not only learning, but also having a fun time.

  22. 1) The value of learning is to be more knowledgeable in the world. It also is being able to understand more, and to be able to better yourself in life.
    2) The role of the learner is to seek for the knowledge that he or she needs by asking questions and keeping the mind open.
    3) A good student is a student that wants to learn and is respectful. I expect me to come prepared along with the rest of the class so that we may get started with the activity.
    4) I expect from a good quality teacher a different creative way of learning that is different from the rest of the English curriculum.
    5) The class needs to have more feelings of comfort to make the class a more fun productive environment. That looks like less homework and essays.

  23. The value of learning, to me, is simply to know another piece of information. Eventually, those bits and pieces will guide you towards learning more and the more, the better. Learning is about discovering so you can move forward.
    I feel that my role as a learner is making sure I'm competent enough so that neither the teacher nor the other students need to wait on me.
    Once again, I feel that competency is key. However, if that doesn't come quickly, determination is just as important; determination to learn and to move forward.
    A good teacher makes sure the that they have a solid foundation before continuing. If students don't understand something, building upon it would only add to the confusion. Also, a good teacher isn't really a teacher, they're a friend. This makes the students feel comfortable and relaxed so they can learn without apprehension.
    The thing that makes classes not enjoyable is when it feels like a job, something where work is more important than fun. We still have plenty of time to be working everyday in our future, we should enjoy this time.

  24. 1) The value of learning is that you always have the potential to grow. Learning is an amazing thing because you can never truly learn everything.
    2) My role as a learner is to take what I have learned and question it. If I don’t ask questions, than how can I expect to have all of the answers? Asking questions ensures that I learn things in a way that makes sense to me.
    3) A good student is attentive and respectful of others. They should always listen to another point of view, but never be afraid to politely give their own, even when their belief isn’t the most popular one.
    4) A good teacher will not teach her students negatively. For example, when a student answers a question incorrectly, the teacher shouldn’t just say that the answer was wrong and give the right one. They should try and figure out where the student is coming from, then help connect their answer to the real one. This way, a positive connection is made between the student’s thinking and the answer given, even if they were originally incorrect.
    5) This class needs to be comfortable with each other. The best learning environment is one where everyone respects each other’s opinions and feels comfortable giving their own.

  25. 1) The value of learning is acquiring knowledge about something you didn't know. However, the value of learning is not that narrow. Learning keeps us current, engaged, and more valuable in terms of our wealth of knowledge.

    2) As a learner, my job is to give 100% effort in everything I do. Like many things in life, what I get out of learning is my choice.

    3) A good student is a responsible student but one who can also question and think deeper. The best students in my classes are the ones who ask questions I wish I had thought of first. They cause the people around them to engage and interact as learners.

    4) I expect a quality teacher to do her job as best she can. Most importantly, we are all here to learn. I want to learn as much as I possibly can whether it always be about American literature or not. Share as much knowledge as you can!

    5) In order for this class to be a productive and fun learning environment, we must be able to pace ourselves. For example, if a certain topic for whatever reason is exceptionally thought provoking, we need to be able to adjust our schedule to adequately and thoroughly discuss the topic.

  26. 1. The value of learning is a key to succeeding in life. If someone never learned anything, how could they succeed? Learning new things can prepare you for the future, getting a job, and anything you can think of. Learning connects to everything.
    2. My role as a learner is to take in and remember all of the information that I can. The point of learning something is to remember it long term, and as a learner, that should be my goal.
    3. A good student will listen and pay attention. Good students participate, are respectful, and ask about what they do not understand. As learner, they should not only take in information, but learn to think about in in new ways, and think for themselves. Good students and learners also should come prepared for each day. The class should challenge each other's ideas, and help their classmates become better learners.
    4. A good, quality teacher does not give out busywork. A good teacher gives out work that always has a purpose or a meaning to it. A good teacher teaches students to think in new ways, or discover a new way of learning. A good teacher does their best to connect personally with each student. I expect all of this as well as being taught things that I will remember in the long term.
    5. In order to have an active, fun learning environment, a class needs to be respectful and follow directions. The class needs to respect everyone's opinions, as well as feeling comfortable in class. Creative projects are more fun than the usual essays.

  27. 1. The value of learning is that it is multidimensional, because no one knows everything. If they did there would be no learning. Learning also helps you turn an interest into a passion.

    2. As a learner my role is to take in information and use it outside of school. I need to pay attention in class to learn new skills and apply them to my daily life. I also need to take different types of classes so I can learn discover new talents I didn’t know I had before.

    3. A good student actively participates in class discussion and has the attitude to succeed. They also help other students contribute to the discussion or activity. Good students have good relationships with their teachers; they aren’t afraid to ask them questions. When the student is not in class they are using there off hours to study or do homework. One of the best qualities of a good student is when they share their success with others. It is compassionate when a student helps a friend or classmate with a homework assignment or gives an idea for an essay.

    4. A good teacher teaches the material in a unique way and makes the class fun. The teacher has an unlimited amount of lesson plans so that students aren’t debating whether they will be taking notes or watching a movie. A good teacher teaches the skills instead of telling the students the skills. They are willing to give extra help and practice outside of class to the students who need it. Teachers should encourage success and help a student achieve it even if they aren’t motivated too.

    I want you to teach me skills that I will need beyond American Literature. I want you to implant the information into my head, that way when I got into junior year I will be using the material I learned to help me succeed. I want to learn life skills that I will use beyond high school or college. Most importantly I want you to motivate us; many students don’t have the motivation from their friends and parents for them to work at their schoolwork. Let’s be number 1 again!

    5. For our class to be fun and productive we need to get to know each other. Group work will allow us to get to know each other's personalities and the way they learn. Students will then be more comfortable sharing ideas then they would in a class where didn’t know anyone. Our class should work as a unit; last year in English we did many fishbowls, but our class wasn’t always up to the challenge. Countless times Ms. Smith would give us lectures about how we needed to work together, but it didn’t stick with us. In soccer, every player needs to contribute instead of one or two individuals trying to win the game on their own. School is the same way everyone needs to contribute for a welcoming environment allowing our class to be productive and fun.

  28. 1) For me, learning matters because it will help me in my future. Both learning in the classroom and learning morals etc. are highly important for my adult life when I will be interacting with other adults and applying my book knowledge to a job.
    2) My role as a learner is to find purpose in the lessons I learn, both inside and outside school. My job is to have a good attitude toward learning and absorb information, not just regurgitate it for a test, only to forget it right after.
    3) A “good” student is one who is willing to learn from their teachers, fellow students, and their mistakes. They must be respectful, focused, and willing to contribute to a positive learning environment.
    4) I expect a teacher who is prepared for class, controls the classroom, and is encouraging of students. Overall, I just want to be able to learn in a classroom without fear of others judging my mistakes and in a relaxed setting.
    5) For a fun but productive classroom, I think we need to have laugher and jokes, as well as times for serious discussions. To have the most comfortable class, we should get to know each other so that we won’t be nervous talking in Socratic Seminars or in-class presentations.